Square Shell Assorted Mirror


Article number: SP004000
Quantity: 5
A bespoke seashell mirror with five exterior borders of some of the finest shells around. Containing some well-known shells such as: Abalone, Cockles, Cowries and other minor shells. This mirror could be compared to a somewhat Mosaic design of shells, all placed together to present an authentic and artistic feel to it. It would be perfect for enhancing the beauty of your walls as well as bringing character and individuality to your home. This mirror is sized with an interior of: 25.4 x 25.4cm and an exterior of 38.35 x 38.35cm.,,We are proud to say like many of our products, that our mirrors are handmade with perfection and care where we are based in Cornwall. Our mirrors are made uniquely, however we are happy to discuss individual requirements for those who have a specific taste and design. ,